Newport Town Forest Adventures



Easy to find

Lots of variety of trails to take

Disc Golf



Not all trails marked


newport walksMountain bikers and skiers know about this area but it was a mystery to me until recently: Newport Town Forest.  It’s right next to the high school behind the track so it’s easy to find.

newport walks

Right at the entrance three trails begin.  I chose the one labeled forest trail, which turned out to be a wide and easy trail to follow.  Soon I found the first ‘hole’ of a disc golf course and a bench. As I continued up a hill I found two groups of kids and adults playing disc golf together.  I always wanted to play disc golf.  Who knew it was so close to where I lived?

I took a right turn and ended up at the Summer St. entrance so I turned around and walked up a narrow trail.  I soon found other disc golf holes and that a lot of trails intersected so when I kept getting eaten by mosquitoes it wasn’t hard to find my way back along any unmarked trail.

newport nh walksFree fun on a summer day for the whole family!  Plus it’s all in the shade.  Just bring some bug spray.

Next time I’ll meander farther in.

Have you ever been to the Newport Town Forest?

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