Pine Park: Hanover, NH

occum pond hanover (1)2


Beautiful views of Connecticut River

Easy to get to

Mostly flat and easy terrain


A few trails intersect and not marked

One trail ends up on golf course



Getting to the Trail

To get there take a left across from the Hopkins Center for the Arts and then another left on the one way street at the edge of the green. Turn right onto Rope Ferry Road and continue to the end and go all the way to the end.  You’ll see the golf course.  Turn left down a little road and there’s a dirt parking lot overlooking the golf course on your right.  It gets full quickly with golfers so be aware.

The trail is to the right of the club house off a golf cart path.  You’ll see a path and sign for Pine Park past a beautiful house on your right.  There are other ways in too because on my walk I reentered the golf course and had to turn around.


On the Trail

This was a wonderful walk from the Hanover Country Club.

pine park3

The path is shaded and was refreshing on a hot summer day.  I met a handful of walkers and everyone said hello.  There was a dried up brook which I thought would be really nice in the spring to listen to as I walked.  I came to an intersection of multiple trails and I wasn’t sure which way to go because I knew one trail went to the 5th tee and I didn’t want to end up in the middle of the golf course.  I kept going to the right the trail followed the river.  What a beautiful view.  I even could see rowers.

ct river pine park1

There was a large hill to climb towards the end of the walk and I came out onto the golf course.  I had to wait for some golfers to tee off and then I crossed the golf cart path.  They were excited to see the baby and stopped to admire him.  They were really nice.  I asked what hole we were at and they said the 3rd tee.  I looked and I could see the car.  I walked along the path to the road.  Be careful though apparently I was in line with a green and a golf ball came in our direction.  Good thing they called out.  It wouldn’t have hit us though.

I soon came to the main road and could see Occum Pond, which quickly became my phone background.  I turned left and was to the parking lot in no time.

I would definitely go again.  This was a peaceful walk and even though the trails aren’t marked, I don’t think I was in any danger of getting lost.  I highly recommend this park.  You can even ski it in the winter.

More Information

You can find a map, excellent trail description, and route extension ideas here.

**After your walk in Hanover if you find you need to change the little one or need to use the facilities you can use the public restroom in the library at the edge of the green (a large building right behind the Webster building on the right corner of the green).  Follow the diagonal path to the side door on your left.  There’s a map here.

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