Science Fun in the Upper Valley at the Annual Model Engineering Show and Makerspace


Learn how things work and try them out for yourself at the Model Engineering Show and Maker Space.


The place was busy but it was still easy to find a parking spot.  The show was in the Windsor Recreation Center, which is attached to the Fire Station, on Union Street (the road across from the Covered Bridge).

First Impressions:

The $10 fee allowed you access to the American Precision Museum and the Engineering Show for the day.  What a deal.

As I entered the gymnasium I was immediately impressed by two things: how many people were there and how many different exhibits there were.

You could easily stay there for hours watching the mini machines, talking to the experts, and playing with the models and demonstrations.

What You Can Expect to See:


Be amazed!  You’ll see different mini machines of all sorts running on compressed air, fuel, or batteries.  I saw fans, mini Ferris wheels, mini farming machines and motors, and water wheels just to name a few things that caught my eye.  I talked to some of hobbyists who had models on display and learned they built them from scratch.  It was so cool to see something so intricate could be pieced together and made my hand to run.  One man said it takes a couple days to make a simple machine and 40-50 hours for a more complex one.

You can also learn at the Makerspace activities.  These are more hands on.  You can see  things like a 3d printer, scribble bots, and cardboard pinball machines.   I made a scribble bot and it was rather slow, but the lady next to me made one that drew in circles mini dots, which was really cool.

My little one enjoyed watching the bowling ball Newton’s cradle and the remote controlled cars.  I liked watching the 3D printer make a bust of a person.

I highly recommend visiting this event next year.  It’s a wonderful learning experience for everyone.  Very inspiring.

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