Trivia Night at Ramuntos


Grab a bite to eat and enjoy Trivia Night at Ramuntos.


Off Washington St. in Claremont.  Follow the fabulous scent of wood smoke from their pizza oven.  There’s a parking lot next door.


Every Monday night from around 6 to 8.

Signing Up:


A waitress will come to your table and ask if you want to participate.  There’s no pressure to play.

She’ll provide you with a colored piece of paper to write down your answers.

Think of a team name.  Teams should be no more than four people.

The Big Event:


One of the tv screens in the center of the restaurant displays the questions as the announcer reads them.  The other two tvs still have sports on.

We were anxious to get playing since it was close to our little one’s bedtime.  Around 6:15 it started and we went through a round in about ten minutes.  So it moves quickly because the announcer asks one question after another.

He does repeat the question and review them at the end in case you missed any.  There are two general question rounds of ten questions and one special category round.

You can’t use your phones, just so you know.


It was a lot of fun.  It was great for dinner talk and testing my knowledge base.  You can expect questions like who wrote / starred in … and it’s a famous book or movie, what team won/played…, what is the name for…, a _______ is when (this question was a rabbit punch is a hit to …).  I felt like it was a great balance between general knowledge questions most people would know and questions that some people would know who are interested in that topic.  Each time I played I left feeling good; I actually knew some answers, not discouraged.


They will tally up your results and announce points per team after each round.

This is a great weeknight out that’s fun for the whole family.  Enjoy good food and learn something new too!

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