Brighten Your Day: Check Out the Plainfield Pumpkin People


A colleague of mine lives in Plainfield and told me I had to check out the Plainfield Pumpkin People, which was a big deal in town. So I took a drive with my friend and documented my adventures.


The main pumpkin people sightings are on Route 120 the side of Kimball Union Academy (KUA) and 12A (the library and St. Gaudens side). If you take Stage Road that connects the two sides of Plainfield you’ll see a lot of fun ones.  This weekend may likely be the last you can see them.

The Sightings:

The best part about this is that you could do it as a destination or on your way somewhere, rain or shine. On the 12A side there are a lot of businesses or town services that created pumpkin people that fit what they do.



A mechanic stands outside a car repair business with a tin foil wrench in his hand. The fire department, who puts on meals for the community, was one of my favorites with a pumpkin person serving a meal. My favorite was the auction scene outside the auction house.
You can’t miss the painter, soldier, and dinner party either.



On Route 120 and Stage Road you’ll find more houses that set up pumpkin people.

For Halloween themed ones I saw a dead pumpkin person from a bike accident, a skeleton pumpkin motorcycle driver, and Frankenstein and his bride.


On Stage Road my friend and I kept finding ourselves pointing and exclaiming:
“Oh look at that!”
“That’s a good one.”
“Oh, I should turn around and get a picture of that.”
We saw a lady farmer, an alien, a referee, and a man relaxing on a front porch. We didn’t get a picture of the hikers on Mt. Washington, which I was disappointed in.

There’s more than those too that I didn’t get on camera: little miss piggy and lady gaga to name a few. So whether you see them now or next year, you’re in for a treat.

There’s More!

Make it a Game:

Plainfield Pumpkin People even has their own Facebook and website!  You can learn the story behind Plainfield Pumpkin People here.
Try a scavenger hunt to find the ones on their site. You could do it as a family or challenge another friend or family member and meet at a certain time and location to see how many you found. Make it even more funny and memorable by doing selfies with them if it’s appropriate (like not on the person’s front lawn but at the edge of their property.)
You can even learn how to make your own pumpkin person on their website.

Did you known New London and Jackson, NH have pumpkin people too?

Want to know where you can find more displays of both pumpkin and scarecrow people in the state? Check out this site.

Something to add to your Fall Fun next year: Plainfield Pumpkin People.

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