Valentine’s Day Without Cards, Chocolate, or Candy

valentines day

My husband and I both like to do things together but we have a little one, are trying to save money, and run out of creative ideas that aren’t too corny or time consuming.  Sound familiar?  I think the trick is really to do something unique or special – something out of the routine, even if it’s something simple.

We’ve chosen to make a meal together each Valentine’s day.  We each add something to it.  One year my husband bought nice napkins and flowers for the table.  I made a special dessert.  One year I had the same baker create our wedding cake in miniature (which I did for our anniversary, but you can do it for Valentine’s day too).

1. Watch a movie you both like! 8 romantic movies aren’t corney

2. Try some activities at home: Celebrating valentine’s day budget or date night at home

3. Scavenger hunt. The Dating Divas always have simple and fun ideas to put together for different events.  This scavenger hunt includes ideas for kids and another one for your spouse.  It includes printables – all you need to do is buy some simple items and find the hiding spots.

4. Make the bedroom romantic. I like the candles with the canopy over the bed.  I created a Pinterest board of some ideas (including meals etc here)

5. Do a fun activity together.  The Dating Divas have 100 ideas here.  I like the destiny date: dinner, activity, dessert. I also like the remember when clues to a destination.  Icecream tasting is right up our alley – yum!  Personally I think clues to a particular local destination would be quite fun (I like surprises).

6. Relive past memories.  My son loves to look at our wedding book and point out people he knows (most likes to point out daddy).  Take some time for the two of you and look at old memories, which I know we rarely do but enjoy immensely.  Rewatch your wedding video. share stories. Pick a photo ahead of time that means something special to you and share with your spouse.  Create a slide show of your favorite memories or photos of your spouse and put little messages on what it means to you.

7. Mix a Great Drink.  25 Cocktails like Chocolate Cherry Cha Cha or Romance, 20 Cocktails like a chocolate margarita, Valentine’s Mixed Drinks like a Scarlet Kiss, or a Chocolate Covered Cherry martini.

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