Walking, Hiking We love experiencing the natural beauty that surrounds us Experience Our Natural Beauty or just standing in awe Indulge in the Silky Sweetness
of our many ice cream
We love our ice cream.
Find soft serve, gelato, homemade,
and the best maple creamee you've ever had.
I'm ready for some ice cream!
Be Impressed, Be entralled, We have two circus tours
who perform here annually.
Get a sneak peek and be entertained.
Your Adventurous Side
Learn falconry, ride in a hot air balloon, or zip through the forest.
We have activities to try something new
and maybe even get your adenaline pumping.
I'm Ready!
Pops of color. Delicate buds. Stunning arrangements. Let us show you our beautiful gardens. Bring me to the flowers!

Go on a Local Adventure

Be an Explorer in Your Own Backyard

What's New on Upper Valley Fun

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What You'll Find

Local Recommendations

Find the best places to eat and popular activities from the locals.

tip top pottery

What’s it Like

Get firsthand experience at local events and activities so you’ll never have to wonder how to get there, what it’s like, or if it’s for you.

Day Trips and Itineraries

Need some fresh ideas on what to do?  Try one of our day trips with an itinerary and let us take the work out of finding fun.


Rejuvenate and relax. Or feel exhiliated and in awe.  We have the vacation experience for you. Find Summer Fun.


Come visit in fall and you’ll never want to leave. Find out why we love it here. Fall Fun.


Winter is magical here, like a picturesque postcard. Find Winter Fun.

Top Attractions

Come visit our little slice of wonderful any time of year. Meaningful memories await you.  Top Attractions.

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